About The 1600 Fund


The 1600 Fund is a project of American Crossroads to elect a new president in 2012 who has the vision, integrity and experience to lead America back to strength, prosperity and national and financial security.

The American people have always been capable of great things – when they have great leadership. But since 2009, the U.S. economy, the government’s finances, the culture of Washington, even the tone of our political discourse, have all been downgraded by the ineffectual, inexperienced and intensely partisan “leadership” of President Obama.

President Obama promised “hope” and “change,” yet his government-expanding policies have made things far worse for millions of struggling American families. Now Obama is practicing the opposite of leadership: casting about for others to blame, others to attack, others to pay the price for his wasteful spending and reckless debt.

A country as big-hearted, hard-working and responsible as America deserves a better president. The mission of The 1600 Fund is to help elect that president.

If you join The 1600 Fund as a Founder or Supporter, you will be helping to underwrite a national grassroots campaign to educate millions of Americans on the truth about the Obama record, the facts about Obama’s dangerous second-term agenda, and the urgent need to restore our nation’s commitment to liberty, free enterprise, limited government and strong American leadership in an increasingly chaotic world.

As President Ronald Reagan once promised us, “We have a rendezvous with destiny.” In 2012, that means electing a president who will carry on Reagan’s legacy of leadership – instead of passing on to our children an America that is less than the one we inherited.

The 1600 Fund will rise to that challenge, and we hope you will, too.

The 1600 Fund Founders

The Founders of The 1600 Fund are a dedicated group of patriots who believe deeply in the founding American principles of liberty, limited government and free enterprise – and are committed to restoring those principles by helping to elect a new President of the United States in 2012.

Becoming a Founder of The 1600 Fund requires a financial commitment of $1,600 per year. This commitment helps underwrite the Fund’s national grassroots campaign to educate millions of citizens on President Obama’s record and mobilize them to vote for freedom and prosperity instead of Obama’s radical big-government agenda.

The Founders periodically receive advance information on The 1600 Fund’s plans and activities, news and polling updates, and high-level strategy briefings. For that reason, participation in the Founders is reserved for those of the highest personal caliber and reputation.

If you share our commitment to the founding principles that made America a great and prosperous nation, we hope you will join our “rendezvous with destiny” by supporting the urgent mission of The 1600 Fund: to elect a new president in 2012 with the vision, integrity and experience to lead America back to strength, prosperity and security.